Tips & Tales Munich

Tips and Tales Munich

We loved our short visit to this very beautiful, friendly German city and we will be returning to explore it more fully in the very near future. Munich gay scene is not Berlin but it has a good number of small bars, clubs and venues that many cities would be proud to have.

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Ludwig's Fairytale Castle (Munich)

Ludwig’s Fairytale Castle

We were on a tour of Linderhof Palace and a tourist asked, was King Ludwig II gay? The tour guide replied diplomatically, "Well, he did have some problems with women". Linderhof Palace is about a two hour bus trip from the centre of Munich, Germany and about thirty minutes further on is Neuschwanstein Castle. Both historical places are legacies of King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886), sometimes known as the Fairytale King.

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Dachau And The Pink Triangle

Dachau and the Pink Triangle

A visit to Dachau Concentration Camp might not be for everyone but even though we can forgive we should not forget these terrifying atrocities. It is a time in history that saw the persecution of groups of people who paid the ultimate price for their type of difference.

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