Summer Sunday in Stockholm with Lady Patricia


Our drop dead gorgeous Scandinavian barman with the tattoos. Drinks anyone?

We met Lady Patricia in Södermalm (known locally as Söder), Stockholm on the Sunday just before the official Pride celebrations began. This legendary ship, permanently anchored in the harbour, was looking her nautical best for the ‘beach party’ which had already started when we arrived about 8.30pm. Lays everywhere, and I am not referring to the two or three hundred gay men on board.

Sunday evening on Lady Patricia is gay club and the queue at the entrance gave us the first indication of what a popular venue this is. Arriving for dinner we realised we should have booked. We were given a table inside but it would have been fantastic to have an outside table at the back of the ship overlooking the harbour on this beautiful, warmsummers evening. Thank goodness we dressed in shorts and short sleeves because so had everyone else and the lay back, informality of this place is part of its charm. 

The menu was interesting but pricey. On Sundays for the last 20 years they have reduced food prices for gay night and it is something they are planning to do for the next 20 years. We ordered the fresh crab stack entree and the Turbot wrapped in bacon for main, with a bottle of wine. (Wine is expensive in most restaurants) The total cost for dinner was around AUD$180. The food was extremely good for this type of venue where cuisine can sometimes be a casualty to the focus on playtime. 


Our waiter Maria was delightful and she helped us with menu choices and accompaniments. She also helped us plan our next evening’s dinner at Victoria’s (Kungsträdgården 6, Stockholm) which is gay on Monday night only and where she happens to be one of the bar managers. We found the people of Stockholm to be extremely welcoming, hospitable and genuine in their desire to help visitors to their beautiful city find the best places to enjoy their time.

The front of the ship is the place to go after dinner to party and have more drinks, as well as to meet the locals. On this pre-pride evening Patricia was packed to her funnels but some of the locals told us it is not always the case, especially in winter.

The hottest bartender with ‘drop dead gorgeous’ tattoos poured us Viking size drinks. (See pic)

The way the ship is designed it is very conducive to people meeting each other. For the gay solo traveller Sundayfront of ship, is the best place to be in Stockholm. The ship has several bars and a few different dance spaces. The house music, live bands and some Abbba thrown inensure there is something for everyone. Sweden’s most famous drag queen ‘Babsan’ is at the centre of the action most Sundays and at midnight can be found in the ship’s night club.

Although we left at about 2:00am the party was just warming up and due to finish at 5am which is normal for Sundays. We had a great night and we really got the pre-pride, party feeling and as the saying goes, ‘What happens on Patricia, stays on Patricia. Enjoy!

P.S. Oh by the way, did we mention the cute barman?


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