Picture Perfect Plaka Beach


The idyllic calm waters of Plaka Beach.

Plaka Beach, on the island of Naxos in Greece, is a 35 minute bus ride from the main town area known as Chora or Agios Georgios. Hiring a car was one transport option but at 50€ a day we thought we would take the 3.60€ return bus ride instead. The bus, which is air conditioned, leaves from the main Port area every half hour in summer months and more frequently in the height of the peak season (about every 15 minutes).

We drove slowly along the narrow winding roads at the back of old Naxos town and twisted and squeezed our way on small dusty roads through thequaint seaside villages. The myriad of sugar cube, white washed buildings with the obligatory blue widows and doors, totally dominate the otherwise arilandscape of the island.

The bus, primed with Greek music playing through the speaker, stops at various beaches on the way and the last stop is Plaka Beachright next to the Plaza Resort. Before heading for the beach we grabbed a couple of ice cold frappés, fast becoming the national drink of Greece (crushed ice, sugar, Nescafé instant coffeeblended vigorously with a little milkor without milk).


We walked across the road to the beach. We were stunned by the clarity of the brilliant azure blue water. The beach has umbrellas and sun beds but this section was just a little too family friendly for us. We walked about 400 metres to the right up the beach to the area with the high sand dunes. This area has blue sunbeds and blue and white umbrellas for 7 ( 2 beds, one umbrella, all day hire).

This section of the beach is about 30% nude. The beach is beautiful, glisteningshallowclean water and white sand. Looking across to the islands you see kite surfers careering their way across the horizon. Here is about the closest we got to finding a gay beach in Naxos, although it’s still really about 90% straight. However, what was missing in quantity was made up with quality by our two cute, dark and handsome young men (with very tanned, hard butts) lying nude just beside us near the water. Fabulous entertainment all day long.

We also bought very large pegs from a beach seller that we used to clip our sarongs onto our sunbeds. When you are feeling hungry there are beach sellers offering vanilla and caramel donutshowever with Mr and Mr Gorgeousness just beside us, we decided to forgo the sweets for the sake of our waistlines and our dignity.

After spending several hours at the beach we walked further up to where the flags were flying close to the Three Brothers Restaurant. Eating here is very pleasant, either under the trees on the beach or in the restaurant across the dirt road. The food is excellent and the Three Greek brothers, although getting on in years, are still managing the restaurant. Right out in front of the restaurant we caught the bus home, filled with beach goes returning to Naxos town in the hot summer afternoon. Now, after the beach, it’s mandatory to have a cold shower, a nap and then decide which taverna to choose for the evening meal.

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and the perfect choice for relaxation, beautiful beaches and fabulous food. Don’t go for a few days, stay at least a week to truly experience the real lifestyle of the Greek islands.