Royale Nam Tok Restaurant

Only six elegant tables are set each night at this exclusive Phuket restaurant.

Unfortunately, this beautiful restaurant is now closed     (Feb. 2020)

Restaurant Royale Nam Tok in Phuket, Thailand is a class act from start to finish. The sumptuous dining space, the superb service by host Corry and the culinary art by Chef Marc are a combination usually only found in a Michelin Star restaurant. We arrived at 8:00pm at their exquisite home by day and exclusive restaurant by night. With only six tables set with fine French napery, antique silver cutlery and elaborate glassware, this place is a touch of pure opulence.


Royale Nam Tok Restaurant

We were ushered to the pool area for pre-dinner cocktails.


Corry welcomed us graciously and ushered us to the pool garden where we enjoyed the sultry sounds of some famous French divas and offered champagne cocktails with frozen grapes. To accompany our drinks, he presented ruby-ripe cherry tomatoes marinated in red wine vinegar which were an explosion of flavour in the mouth, followed by a luscious amuse bouche of mushroom cappuccino.


IHome by day and elegant restaurant by night.At Royale Nam Tok there are no walk ins, it’s strictly reservation only and these guys don’t need to advertise. Their success and reputation has spread by word of mouth. Sunday is their well earned day off and the restaurant is closed.


Royale Nam Tok Restaurant

Appetisers included scallops with ginger in a rich pumpkin soup.


The menu varies throughout the year according to what is fresh in the market and features sophisticated, refined recipes which represent a discerning western palate. Appetisers include large plump scallops fried in ginger and served in a rich pumpkin soup and the house speciality of champignons a la Madeleine which features mushrooms stuffed with a secret recipe belonging to Marc’s aunt. Both were seriously delicious.


Turbot and Canadian lobster were a delicious combination.


Grandmother’s Pot-au-Feu (rabbit stew) in a white wine sauce with two mustards and tarragon was a truly wild French treat. The sauce was so good you could have bathed in it. Canadian lobster and fried turbot filet, in a lobster bouillon sauce made with coconut milk from Marc’s own garden, was also sensational.


Royale Nam Tok Restaurant

A selection of dessert specialties finished a superb meal.


Sipping French Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, we studied the dessert menu. What a dilemma, everything sounded delicious. Marc suggested the surprise dessert medley to share. How could we go wrong with this master chef in the kitchen. To complete this delectable dinner, petit fours were served atop of a bowl containing exotic Siamese fighting fish.


The decor is opulent throughout and provides a very special dining experience.


If you happen to visit Phuket and you’re looking for superb food and service in the luxury of a stunning home, or perhaps have a special celebration requiring an exceptional dining experience, Royale Nam Tok is a standout.


A slice of extravagance in tropical Phuket.


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