Singapore's Aerotel Transit Hotel

The pool at Singapore’s Changi International Airport Aerotel Transit Hotel.

On our way from Sydney to Athens we had a ten hour layover at Singapore’s Changi International Airport. We could have headed straight for the shops, bars or restaurants in this ultra modern airport but this time we thought we would try the luxury of a six hour stay in the Aerotel Transit Hotel. It is located in Terminal 1 close to Gate D41 on the first floor.


Singapore Aerotel Transit Hotel

Singapore’s Changi International Airport Aerotel Transit Hotel


If you decide to stopover at the Aerotel Transit Hotel the stunning pool and well equipped gym are free for guests to use at their leisure. If you are just dropping in for a short break the cost is about S$15 to use these facilities. You can buy your pool entry ticket at the hotel check in desk and then present it at the bar. In return you will receive a towel, a security locker key and a voucher for a non-alcoholic drink.



We had taken advantage of the short break option on previous journeys but this time we went all the way, buying a longer stay (about S$120 for 6 hours in a hotel room). After checking into our room we changed and headed straight for the pool’s hot tub. We lucked out as two cute hotties from Germany also jumped in at the same time to share the bubbles. When we’d had enough of the spa, the perfectly clean, warm swimming pool was large enough to do some decent laps.

If you are only using the pool facilities it is wonderful to lie flat for an hour or so on the pool’s sun beds in the steamy Singapore night air before getting back onto the plane for the long haul to Europe. You can also take advantage of the hot showers, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser which are provided in the change room area. However, on this occasion we headed back to our luxurious room to spend the next 5 hours sleeping before our flight was due to leave.


Singapore Aerotel Transit Hotel

The gym at the Aerotel Transit Hotel.


Feeling fabulous after our swim, we enjoyed a cold drink and said good-bye to our two hot tub buddies. The pool area opens until 11:00pm and if you just want to have a drink, entry is free. The bar has a tropical, casual feel, surrounded by plants, tables and chairs and daybeds for those on a longer, daytime layover. The wifi here is free and there are flight information screens so you can keep an eye on the progress of your boarding details. The equipment in the gym is new and well maintained.


Singapore Aerotel Transit Hotel

Comfy beds at the Aerotel Transit Hotel


Our hotel room was large and beautifully appointed with modern decor, ample power outlets and comfortable furnishings. Of course the most important part was the bed with its crisp white linen, luxurious, soft pillows and blackout curtains to keep the afternoon sun out for our long nap. The staff couldn’t have been more hospitable and helpful and told us to make ourselves at home in the adjoining lounge area with complimentary tea, coffee, cold drinks, light snacks and a more extensive menu if we needed a meal before our flight.


The lounge at Singapore's Aerotel Transit Hotel.

The lounge at the Aerotel Transit Hotel.


There is another Transit Hotel located in Terminal 2 and on our way back to Singapore we will certainly visit the pool or the hotel again. If you decide to do the same, don’t forget to pack your swimmers and goggles, or your pyjamas, in your carry on luggage. What a treat! And, when you get back onboard the aircraft, you’ll be glad you had some quality time relaxing at the Aerotel Transit Hotel.


Singapore Aerotel Transit Hotel

The pool and tub at Singapore’s Aerotel Transit Hotel