It was 8 am and we were ready to explore the world’s largest sand island just off Hervey Bay in Queensland. Strapped into our off-road, four-wheel drive bus we were soon hurtling through the Australian bush on the narrow, rough, sandy roads of Fraser Island.



With names like ‘the rollercoaster’, these tracks into the ‘never never’ were sure to provide plenty of thrills.



First stop was Lake McKenzie. This spectacular rain-filled, crystal clear blue basin of water floats serenely on powder white silica sand.



No swimming for us on this cool morning but it didn’t stop the intrepid tourists from Norway.



Central Station was our next stop with towering 400 year old Fraser turpentine trees, exotic stag horns, and ancient, rare ferns growing in Wanggoolba Creek, a truly pristine environment.



We had worked up a hearty appetite for our buffet lunch stop at Eurong Beach Resort. On Seventy Five Mile Beach there were dozens of off-road vehicles doing a more independent style of exploring.



The 80 kilometres an hour ride along the beach was flat and smooth at low tide. We were on the hunt for wild dingos or whales, both plentiful in this part of the world.



At The Pinnacles we stopped to see the sacred coloured sand cliffs show off their red, yellow, orange, and brown ochre bands.



Our favourite beauty spot on the tour was the Maheno shipwreck, lounging on the wet sand, dreaming of better days.



Afternoon tea was by Eli Creek, a magnet for four wheel drives and families, still too cool for swimming.



Returning along the beach we avoided rock obstacles, light aircraft landings and finally spotted those elusive dingos scavenging for food.



By 4:30pm we were safely back at Kingfisher Bay Resort for cocktails on the beach at the Sunset Bar.



A great day of adventure but now it was time to relax, review and refresh. Cheers!