About Us

If you were to ask GayMenOnHoliday.com what makes us most happy, we will always tell you it’s sharing our travel stories with others, telling them about the fascinating and alluring destinations we have visited. And the most satisfying part about this is when we are able to provide other gay guys with ideas and information which will inspire and inform their future travels.


John and Gavin (GayMenOnHoliday.com) on their wedding day 2018.


Our target audience is specific. We are writing for men who are seeking safe, comfortable, fun and maybe even some ‘quirky’ experiences on their travels. Our website is more likely to appeal to a middle to upper budget range who are looking for quality hotels and restaurants as well as suggestions for the wisest way to spend their time in the various locations being reviewed. We have decided to leave the backpacker, thrill-seeking, adventure trails and tales to those more focused on adrenaline and less on luxury and creature comforts. Our guys are the gay ‘boomers’ and ‘gens X and Y’ group who have some cash and are probably more focused on romance than ‘bromance’.

Is the website about us or is it about you?

Well, it’s about all of us. We need to help each other find the best places possible to holiday and celebrate with pride and purpose. There is nothing better than being a welcome traveller. How many times have you arrived in a new city and it’s taken you a couple of days to discover the right places to go and a little longer to feel really comfortable? We would like to help minimise this orientation time so you can get on with the enjoyable parts. We all have busy lives and vacation time can sometimes seem extremely limited in comparison to demanding work schedules.

Our focus is on places we have experienced ourselves and we want to provide information we can be confident will be authentic, sharing experiences which will help you spend your hard earned pink dollars in the best places and for the right reasons. We are not selling anything, nor are we a tour company. We trade in providing gay men with a source of travel tips, tales and scoops to build a network of information and connections which will help you maximise your indulgent, playful, yet relaxing holiday.



Dive in. Let’s get soakin’ wet!!