Beachfront Bliss In Nha Trang


Party the night away right on the edge of the water.

Two cool young guys dressed in their newly-tailored suits and ties teamed with thongs as their ‘in the moment’ footwear symbolised the evening. The Sailing Club in Nha Trang, Vietnam is one part sophistication, balanced by equal measures of fun. Located right on the beachfront, it’s the most popular and trendy nightspot in town. Bookings for dinner are essential.

Although a language barrier caused a problem with our dinner booking, the bonus came in the form of our German Maitre d’ (Christopher) who made it his personal mission to provide a night we would not easily forget.

Making our way past the entrance fountain which forms a brilliantly lit corridor into the bar, the décor was an eclectic mix of Asian and Mediterranean inspired resort chic, combined with elements of beach bungalow nonchalance. Comfortably perched on the candlelit terrace in our rattan seats under a bamboo canopy and of course, with cocktail in hand, the music supplied by the techno-savvy, internationally-renowned DJ, provided ample opportunities to fully indulge in this seaside fantasia. The music and dance space was the beach itself, enhanced by the addition of an oversized video screen. However, much of the ambiance of this cruisy place is created by the waves crashing in from the South China Seamaking a unique staging area for a beach party extraordinaire.

A round, thatch-roofed beach bar off to the right, sits almost in the water. The seats are suspended like swings from the roof. This is chill out central, where daytime sun-seekers linger over long lunches and sunset drinks until this place reinvents itself.

Some arrive after dinner to continue their evening in the company of the array of international revellers visiting this famous part of Asia. Others dine here and sample the fusion menu which highlights tastes of Vietnam, Indian and other international dishes. The samosas were perfect as a starter and the blackened kingfish, Moroccan lamb wraps and pork curry were a welcome change from the Vietnamese fare we had eaten at restaurants each night of our journey so far.

As the crowd grew, our dress circle, front row table became a hot spot for those seeking the best vantage point to watch the martial arts and fire dancing extravaganza which was about to begin.

“I like to do something different with fire in the show each week.” Chris told us earlier.

We weren’t disappointed. This was a spectacular feast of colour and movement,combining acrobatic manoeuvres with striking skills of weaponry and choreographed high kicks.

After the show, the DJ ramped up the party vibe again under the burning ‘BEACH PARTY’ sign which ignited the rest of the eveningThe sand dance floor became the place to be.

The Russians are always the first to dance.” Chris tells us. “This is a lucky location we have here.” he shouts over the throbbing beatsAfter all, how many nightclubs and restaurants have the advantage of the combination of sand, sea, fresh air, fabulous music, laser lights and happy tourists spending millions of dong?

The night finished with an after dinner aperitifmore dancing on the beach and thanking Mein Host for a truly superb dining and entertainment experience.

As we left we noticed the two guys in the suits still dancing on the beach, this time minus ties and groovy footwear. Go boys!

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